Teens (14-18)

Teens and Parents, I want to be here for both of you. I want to help you parent by giving you a little peace of mind knowing your teen has some extra support. I want to help you teen as you are working toward saying what you need, as you hone in on your abilities and your intution so even when things are the most difficult, even when you are alone to make decisions, you can stand up for what you feel and think.


You teen are amazing! You are learning, growing, you are tackling so much all at once. You are navigating all these new friendships, new relationships, new understanding about how strange this world is. You may notice more and more that you are closing up, worried about what others think of you, what they will say and what happens if you say something and it is wrong or seems stupid.

You may want to be trusted and yet supported, you may want to be seen and yet also able to disappear if needed.

You may want to be strong and share how you feel about things like you used to but it is feeling harder and harder to feel confident and happy doing so. You may remember feeling happy in the past but now it is more difficult by the day and you keep catching yourself bullying yourself.

I am here to create a place for you to figure out how to keep your sense of self even when everything is whirling around. I want to support you where you are right now, collaborate with you and validate what you are going through because it is truly difficult.


Our work together may look like creating side by side as we explore what has happened to you in the week and in your life that has been making you feel a certain way you may not like.  We could use art, music, writing all as a way to get in touch with the you that feels most like you. I am honored for the opportunity to work with you as we both gain new insights, question in new ways and learn more resources to support all of who you are and who you want to be.