Adjustment to Chronic Illness & Disability

Having a visible and/or invisible disability can change your life and it can be difficult to communicate to the people you care most about how it is effecting you daily.

I am here to provide you with a space to share your real experience with disability and chronic illness and not only the version of the story that you may tell others to make them feel more comfortable around you.

There can be grief around letting go of who you used to be, there can be fear of what life will look like now. Maybe sometimes life feels ok and other times you get up in the morning and feel in pain, lost, hopeless. In therapy together we can sit in the feelings and the pain that can be hard to share with others. We will collaborate together at the pace that feels right to you, there can be silence, there can be venting, there can be planning. We can celebrate your resilience while we hold a space for what was.

You will have 50 minutes out of your day for just you, for just your needs, whatever they might be for that day. 

For the past 10 years I have worked with people who identify as having a disability and/or chronic illness.

From in-home direct care, residential programs, and schools, I have seen how adjustment to disability and chronic illness can bring up a spectrum of emotions and experiences.

I have made it part of my life’s work to be there for those emotions, to know the community resources that can be helpful and to be your advocate and support as you go through your process.