Consultation & Standard Fees

20 minute consultation


50 minute counseling session


Since so much about the effectiveness of counseling depends on our relationship and comfort within the room, it is vital that it feels like a good fit.

I offer a free 20-minute initial phone consultation where we can talk about what you want out of counseling.

Cancellation Policy

You will not be charged for a missed session if you provide me with 24 hours’ notice. Cancellations with no notice or notice under 24 hours will incur a fee equal to one session cost.

Limited Sliding Scale

If my fees are a barrier to you getting the support you need, please feel free to inquire about my limited sliding scale spots. Sliding scale is meant to be ever-changing as clients's financial situation changes, the fee can adjust to open up more lower fee options for those that need it. 


Some insurance companies will reimburse for out of network benefits. You can reach out to your specific insurance provider, ask if they will cover mental health counseling from a Professional Counselor Associate and if they do then you will pay the fee for counseling. Once you have paid then I can provide you with a superbill document that you can submit to your insurance provider to reimburse for some portion of services.

No Suprises Act and Good Faith Estimate

In compliance with the No Suprises Federal Healthcare Act that went into effect on January 1, 2022, all healthcare providers are required to notify clients of their federal rights and protections against "suprise billing." This Act requires that I notify you of your federally protected rights to receive a notification when services are rendered by an out-of-network provider, if a client is uninsured, or if a client elects not to use insurance.  

It is important to know your options and choosing to forgo using your insurance for services or using an out-of-network provider, you are choosing to pay more for services than you would if you were using your insurance benefits. 

Additionally, I am required to provide you with a Good Faith Estimate (GFE) of the cost of services. It is difficult to determine the true length of treatment for mental health care, and each client has the right to decide how long they would like to participate in mental health care. Therefore you will find the session fees and services offered above on the page. You and I will collaborate on a regular basis to determine how many sessions you may need to reach your goals. It is a federal requirement that I have each client sign a GFE document. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.