Trauma & EMDR

How can EMDR help me?

Usually when clients are feeling that they know logically they should be feeling a certain way but their body responds as if stuck or still affected in the present by an experience or pattern, it can be a signal that further body processing can happen and EMDR may help. 

 Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a form of therapy that can be helpful for trauma, anxiety and self-esteem. When we have a traumatic experience or traumas over time, our body and mind go into the natural fight, flight and freeze response.

Sometimes if the experience is traumatic at the time for our systems, the memory can be stored with that same fight/flight/freeze response, therefore whenever there is a reminder of that memory, the body will be stuck reacting in the same way as if there is that traumatic thing taking place in the present.

EMDR helps to remove the fight/flight freeze response using bilateral movement and the client noticing their present experience as they are connecting with the memory. Essentially this process can refile the stuck information in a way where it doesn't have the same charge.

Many people will say after EMDR that they feel distant from that memory or that it doesn't bother them anymore the way it used to or their system now feels powerful and protected when before it felt small and not safe. Everyone is different so we always are checking to see how you individually are experiencing the EMDR process and you are always in control  and can stop at any point.